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Nature's Hand Reaching Your Table

Let Spring Come to Your Kitchen

From the “liquid gold” olive oil that illuminates tables with its light, to the olive varieties, the pearl of the Aegean...

What's there for me?
In Health, Bon Appétit... Feel the Aegean on Your Palate!

Our olive trees grown in the fertile lands of the Kaz Mountains have been rooted in this unique region for thousands of years. As part of this rich historical heritage, Bahar Olive Oil presents you with the purest form of traditional flavor using knowledge and experience that dates back years.

The Secret of Healthy Living, From the Heart of the Aegean. With Bahar, make nutritious, delicious meals every day

In our production process, we work meticulously to offer you only the best, preserving the natural characteristics and nutritional values of our olives. Thanks to our traditional cold press techniques, all the vitamins and antioxidants in our olive oils are preserved, ensuring that our products are extremely healthy and nutritious.

Why Are We Different? With the power we drew from the soil, we have spanned three centuries.

We continue to work with all our might to earn the love of our consumers all around the world.

We are here with our delicious products that can appeal to everyone from 7 to 70.

Traditional Production Techniques

Bahar preserves the traditional methods that have been ongoing for centuries in olive and olive oil production. As a result, our products offer consumers a natural and authentic experience.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

We embrace sustainable agriculture practices and produce with environmentally friendly methods. This helps to preserve the quality of both our land and products.

Abundance of the Aegean Region

We use olives grown by local farmers in the Aegean region with their craftsmanship and hard work. This brings a unique flavor and quality to our products.

High Quality Standards

We embrace high quality standards at every stage of the production process. This provides consumers with the finest olive and olive oil experience.

Healthy and Delicious Products

Bahar preserves the natural flavor and health benefits of olives and olive oil. It offers consumers a delicious and healthy experience.

Worldwide Distribution

Bahar offers its products to consumers worldwide. This allows everyone to experience the quality and taste of Bahar.

About Us Centuries-old experience combined with modern technology.

Bahar is a brand born in Istanbul with a passion for agriculture originating from the village of Arnas. Its love for olive trees and its rich history intertwined with farming led us to the fertile lands of the Aegean region and gave birth to Bahar.

Bahar has successfully combined traditional agricultural techniques with modern solutions by embracing technology and innovative methods. Our young and dynamic team in Istanbul transforms the finest olives and olive oil sourced from the Aegean region into products that carry the pure taste of the Aegean in every drop.

The Story of Arnas