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The Spring of the Aegean

About Us

Those who can speak with the soil are the greatest producers of life.

Bahar Values You Centuries-old experience merged with modern technology

Bahar is a brand born in Istanbul with a passion for agriculture originating from the village of Arnas. Its love for olive trees and a history intertwined with farming has led us to the fertile lands of the Aegean region, giving birth to Bahar.

Bahar has successfully combined traditional farming techniques with technology and innovative methods. Our young and dynamic team in Istanbul transforms the highest quality olives and olive oil sourced from the Aegean region into products that carry the pure taste of the Aegean in every drop.

Our main goal is to increase Turkey's exports and provide the highest quality and delicious Turkish olives and olive oil to consumers worldwide. In line with this goal, our products have reached many homes around the world, and they have experienced the quality and taste of Bahar.

Bahar places great importance on food safety and quality. At every stage of the production process, we adhere to the highest standards to ensure the quality of our products and the health of our consumers. This ensures that Bahar is a trusted and preferred brand.

Bahar is the story of a dream shaped by the Arnas family, who have a passion for agriculture, and the realization of that dream. We hope to share this story with you through each of our products and bring flavor to more tables worldwide.

"Bahar brings the richness of the soil to the world."
Ancient Tradition Success in agriculture requires working in harmony with the soil. Success in production is transforming this harmony into the product.

Olive farming represents a harmonious coexistence with nature and a tradition that spans thousands of years. The Aegean Region has been the heart of olive cultivation throughout history. Here, fertile soils and a Mediterranean climate provide an ideal environment for the growth of olive trees.

Olive farming requires patience and care. Each tree is pruned, watered, and nourished with great attention. Olive trees grow slowly, and it takes years for them to bear fruit. However, once a tree matures, it can bear fruit for hundreds of years. This makes olive farming both challenging and rewarding.

Bahar holds great respect for olive farming. We adapt to the natural rhythms of the olive trees, harvesting the highest quality fruits without causing harm. By combining traditional farming techniques with modern technology, we cultivate our olives efficiently and sustainably.

Olive farming requires a profound understanding of the soil, climate conditions, and the specific needs of the trees. We employ this knowledge and experience to produce the highest quality olives and olive oil products.

In the end, olive farming is a symbol of living in harmony with nature and producing high-quality products. Bahar embraces these values and, as a result, brings the pure flavor of the Aegean to consumers in each of its products.